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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The first month!

Here's a recap of our first month....
First, when you see Noah's newborn picts you will notice he looks like he got punched in the face! The poor thing actually had a reaction to his eye ointment. In the hospital they give all newborns erythromycin ointment BUT they were out for some reason and were using gentamycin ointment instead. I found out that one of the adverse reactions can be chemical burns to the skin, which he had. He started to have these HUGE blisters under his eyes our second night in the hospital. In the pictures you will see they had healed over and were drying up. POOR BABY! Thankfully there was no scarring. We DEFINITELY know it didn't affect his vision, the big guy stares at EVERYTHING!

Once we were home we started to try to settle in. Nursing was going well but we started to notice he was grunting ALL the time. We also started to notice that the "babies sleep 22 hours a day" concept was NOT our little man. He was up more than he was asleep. THANKFULLY Brandon's mom and my mom live close by so they would come over and take shifts walking Noah around to keep him from screaming. His poor little tummy....he would bring his little knees up to his chest and just scream!!! It was very hard to come home with your new baby not knowing what to expect and hear him scream every time you put him down. It was especially hard when I had friends with newborns and older baby who were already on schedules and already had their baby sleeping 5-7 hours at night. I spent the first 3 weeks of his life feeling like a failure. I finally found peace in my mother-in-law...Brandon's older brother, Wes, had terrible colic when he was little. Every time I felt like no one understood she would tell me stories about how she felt. It was so comforting to have someone echo the same thoughts and feelings I had. Anywho, back to the little guy....the first 4 weeks were spent sleeping 1-2 hours at a time and eating anywhere from every hour to every 3 hours. But after a while we started to get into a routine of getting up and switching off. The chaos became our norm!

While the sleeping and eating were crazy, we still had a lot of fun first!

First car ride. Going home from the hospital. Dad drove REALLY slow!

Noah meeting his cousin Naomi for the 1st time. She likes him as long as their Lolli isn't holding him and not her. (She is the princess!)

First game day with daddy. (They were REALLY into the game!) Notice the orange and white outfit Noah was sporting.

Napping in his bouncy seat. He wasn't even heavy enough to make the seat bounce. Such a little cutie!

First bottle with dad. We were very nervous he wouldn't take it, but there was NO hesitation. All he cared about was that it was food and he was hungry.

This is Noah's best friend, Mr. Giraffe. They spend time staring at each other on the changing table. Noah just kicks and giggles and talks to him forever on that table!

Dad and Noah were hanging on the coach together and Piper felt left out. She sat next to them all night. Every time Noah made a noise Piper was up and right there, checking on him. She is a very good big sis!

This is what Noah thinks of Piper and her kisses and barking! Seriously, he made this expression after Piper licked him. haha

My mom (Noah's na-na) went to change him and told me to run in there. I was FREAKING OUT wondering what happened to him. When I got there I saw this....NO MORE UMBILICAL CORD!

Noah's first bath. He did SOOOO good. He didn't cry until we got to his face and head. At first he just stared at us wondering what in the world we were doing to him. haha! After I wrapped him up he stopped crying and just stared with those big brown eyes!

This was after our first stroll in the neighborhood. He LOVES being outside. In the late morning we usually go in the backyard with Piper and sing hyms while slow dancing together. It is the BEST part of my day and warms my heart more than anything. How can I not help but sing praises to God when Im holding this perfect and healthy little miracle that God gave a sinner like me.

 Just a cute little picture of him sleeping on his Boppy pillow. 

Mandi, one of my old UT nursing buddies, had her bday in late October. We went over to our friends the Ransones' to watch the UT/Bama game and celebrate Mandi's day. Of course we cheered on UT to what turned out to be a sad ending to the game. Noah made sure he was in the right colors for his Aunt Mandi!


Here are the picts we took on the day he turned ONE MONTH! I had to wait for Brandon to get home so it was late when we finally got them. As you can tell he is moving in it too. We took a TON of them but he wouldn't hold still for a second so we just went with it. I have a feeling he is going to be a hyper guy! 

Well that is our first month! All in all it has been one sleepless, crazy, and joy filled month! I still can not believe I have this little miracle! God is good!