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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just a sweet moment

No pictures in this one, just a sweet moment I want to jot down  so I won't forget.
The other night (Sunday) after dinner and a bath (which Noah learned how to squirt soap on his tummy and rub it, haha) we got all lotioned up. Then we let him play with just his diaper while the lotion dries and we read his Bible story for the night before his prayers. When Brandon started reading Noah was actually into it, he wanted to look at the pictures and then he crawled up into Brandon's lap. He sat there listening to the story while smiling & pointing out pictures on the page.
It just melted my heart watching Noah sit up there with his daddy listening to the story of David and Goliath, getting excited when Brandon points out pictures or acts out the story.
Of course Noah didn't stay up there long. Soon he was on the ground walking all over with his skinny legs  and talking 500 miles a minute. He gets so excited about who knows what and starts to stomp all over and giggle.
After his PJ's were on and prayers were said. Noah and I kissed daddy goodnight, rocked while he drank his bottle and then I layed him down, kissed him goodnight, and said I love you.
He just rolled over, curled up and went to sleep. I just love the fact that we get to watch this amazing little person realize about the amazing power of His Creator and the love Jesus has shown him.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I haven't uploaded my Christmas pictures yet, but I just couldn't wait to try out Brandon's Christmas gift....The Flip. I had been checking it out for awhile & then heard some other people saying they used it not only for their kids, but also for their golf swing and kids at school. I thought what a perfect gift for the hubs! Thanks to my mom and Mike for getting it!
Here is my 1st attempt at getting a video on here. Its Noah with his favorite kind of toy....power tools!

Hope this works! Merry Christmas to all! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your families!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Well here's hoping I am! I can't believe the last post I have was from a year ago, NUTS! Life with the Browns has been crazy but great over the past year & hopefully I get you all updated quickly. I have enlisted the help of a friend to show me how to put up a lot of picts in a smaller format & as soon as I get that down I will post what our last year has been like.
A quick run down of us over the year though: Noah is now almost 15months old (WHAT?!) and is doing amazing. He is constantly doing & saying new things, cracking us both up. I still can't believe that little miracle is mine!
Our house renovations are done and the house is up for sale!!! I can't wait to show you some before/after picts. We kept everything pretty neutral since we were putting it right up for sale, but Im still feeling lonely in my own house so I got the green light from the hubs to start decorating. YEA!!!!
Im still at St. Jude in the ICU. While difficult at times I still love it. Being there for these families is an amazing priviledge. Brandon is still at Multi National Ministries as the boys youth director. He is so talented & gifted for this job. I can't wait to see where it goes. He is also hoping to finish seminary sometime before the next decade.

But enough typing....on to the pictures! Here are Noah's 1 year picts from Ashleigh Peak Photography

Please remember to continue to pray for the Harrison's & to hug your babies tight. You can read Alicia's blog at threedoodles