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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Late Christmas Present

I will post all our Christmas pictures hopefully this week. But as you are about to find out, life has been changing over at the Brown's so my blogging has slowed.
This December 29th we received a late Christmas present. You can see them below!

The big reveal to Brandon:
I finally took a test Dec 29th and got the positive sign! Brandon was on the other side of the house at the time. and Noah LOVES taking things from one parent to other. So with his mission noted "Noah, take this to daddy". I let him take the wrapped up test over to Brandon and waited for the reaction.
I then hear "Hey buddy, what cha got?" "WAIT, Are you serious? Are you serious?!" hahaha. All while Noah is watching us, thinking we are crazy.

How we told our family:
I ordered these shirts from zulilly anticipating some good news at some point this year. The night we found out we were already scheduled to have dinner with Brandon's family so we thought wed go ahead and tell them. We all put on our shirts and started calling my parents to try and fill them in before our dinner. Of course my mom is at dinner with my brother, my dad is on the way to dinner with friends! So we just went with it. We stopped by each parent, each time revealing our new shirts and new addition to them, all while capturing it on our new Flip video. Ill have to put them up later, their reactions are all so funny!

I'm now about 6 weeks along. And due the beginning of September. How I'm feeling.....well that has been a lot different from Noah. Last time I felt good just tired. This time, I have constant nausea, but thank God, no throwing up. Already feeling fat and wondering how I'm going to keep this belly in check! But I can't complain because I know I am so blessed to have this little miracle again.

Ill have more pictures of our surprise reveals later today!


  1. So exciting!!! Can't wait to get together for lunch or dinner- we are way overdue ;) Miss yall!!!- get your folks to watch Noah and lets have a double date

  2. congrats girl!!! my 2 kids are 15 months apart! it has been crazy & exhausting but we have loved every minute of it! i can't wait to have a 3rd!! enjoy it!! i'll be praying for a healthy pregnancy for you!

  3. Congrats Amanda! What wonderful and exciting news! :)

  4. dude! i haven't seen the video with my, post, post!!!

  5. hey now, where did the pic of "our little neice" go?? oh, i know, it's getting replaced with "our little neieces" or maybe it's just getting a little too much...:)

  6. hey girl!! Since i got off facebook i keep forgetting to see if you guys found a house yet? We are still looking! There are a lot out there though!
    Hope you are doing good. I forgot until i got on your blog that you were pregnant! awesome!! Congrats!

  7. Ok, it's time for an update. I know youre not busy or anything!